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The genesis of Mayor John Tory’s SmartTrack

I was recently browsing Urban Toronto‘s forums (a great resource if you’re interested in keeping up with construction updates and development proposals here in Toronto), when I came across a post written by “AlvinofDiaspar” in a thread discussing SmartTrack. Alvin’s post linked … Continue reading

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Streetcars of desire: why are American cities obsessed with building trams?

Back in January, I posted my thoughts on some of the new streetcar systems being built in the United States after visiting Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Tampa on a Florida road trip. I soon cross-posted the article to Spacing, where … Continue reading

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Mapping the 2014 Toronto Election: Wards 43 and 44

Last, but not least, in my series of posts examining the results of the  Toronto municipal election of October 2014, are Wards 43 and 44, Scarborough East. I started these series of maps of the 2014 Toronto election as a … Continue reading

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Mapping the 2014 Toronto Election: Wards 41 and 42

I was hoping to have this series of analyses of the 44 wards complete last week, however many things got in the way. But with my life getting back to normal, and with my eagerness to move on to new projects, I bring … Continue reading

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Mapping Which Neighbourhoods Could Be Most Affected by TDSB School Closures

Last week the Toronto District School Board released a much-anticipated list of schools under review for closure as the beleaguered board looks to reduce expenses and raise funds for capital projects. Over at Torontoist, I take a look at which … Continue reading

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