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Five years of musings

Here I am, back in 2015

Today, December 7, 2019, marks the fifth anniversary of my personal blog, Marshall’s Musings.

I started this website as a place to archive the maps I was making in 2014 after the municipal election. I had mapped poll-by-poll results for each ward, showing how each area voted for mayor and councillor; a few followers on Twitter suggested I start a blog to provide a permanent home for those maps.

After that, I kept the blog going, first mapping council votes (such as the decision to rebuild the east section of the Gardiner Expressway, but also commenting on transit issues, road safety, and local history. Occasionally I’ll write about my cycling trips or other travels, but it’s clear that transit is the most popular topic on this website.

This blog, along with well as my occasional contributions to Spacing magazine, TVO, and Torontoist (now defunct), has provided me with some influence within Toronto’s urbanist circles. Recently, I have been invited to comment on podcasts and in person at a transit summit in Guelph. I’m thankful for those opportunities. It has been a privilege, and I will try to be mindful of that.

Thank you!

The five most-read posts in five years of Marshall’s Musings:

  1. GO Transit and the high cost of “free” parking (November 2015)
  2. Ontario’s failed downtown malls (February 2018)
  3. Mapping the 2018 candidates for Toronto’s 47 wards (July 2018)
  4. Not so fair-by-distance: GO Transit’s problematic fare system (November 2015)

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