Happy October 21, 2015


The makers of Back to the Future Part II didn’t predict selfies, did they?

The joys of living close enough to work to walk there includes passing by the Rogers/CityTV building at Dundas Square. where a DeLorean, fitted out like the one used in the film trilogy, was on display. In the franchise’s “history,” October 21, 2015 was the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly arrived in a time machine from 1985 in an attempt to save Marty’s future children from trouble.

We have no hoverboards, no flying cars, the Chicago Cubs probably aren’t going to win the World Series, but we also (thankfully) have no double ties. But advances in communication, particularly the smartphone, is just one way in which we are more “futuristic” than the film predicts.

Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone!

IMG_0471IMG_0475  IMG_0477

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