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That video

With the charges against Sandro Lisi dropped, the publication ban on his case — including evidence presented at pre-trial court proceedings — was lifted. If you recall, Lisi was a friend and the driver for former mayor Rob Ford. Lisi was charged with alleged extortion, trying to get a infamous — yet almost completely unseen — video captured on a cellphone that showed Ford smoking crack and spewing obscenities at the Basso residence in Etobicoke.

That video — the subject of an explosive story published in May 2013 by the Toronto Star and Gawker — was finally made public. You can watch it, if you like, on the Star’s website. But I’m not suggesting that you should.

Yes, I watched it, but I almost wish I didn’t. I ended up feeling nothing but sadness. Sad for Rob Ford’s immediate family, and sad for Rob Ford. I can not stop thinking about all the people Ford hurt over the years, including himself. That sadness then turned to anger and contempt when I started to think about Ford’s enablers. And there were plenty of them.

One reply on “That video”

This was a sad chapter in the lives of Ford, his family and the entire city of Toronto. We were all drawn into this circus act. Media has the right to publish this, it is in public interest as it revolved around a public figure and a scandal that scarred the city. That being said I didn’t watch nor will I, I don’t need that in my life.Never supported the man politically but I felt a great deal for the suffering that had transpired on all sides. Too many people stood by and willfully allowed this to escalate.

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