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Mapping the results in Ward 15 – Don Valley West and Ward 16 – Don Valley East

Happy holidays! In this post, I take a look at the council races in Ward 15 Don Valley West and Ward 16 Don Valley East. The new two wards, introduced under Bill 5, encompass most of what used to be Wards 25, 26, and 34. Ward 25, Toronto’s most affluent under the 44 ward model, […]

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Mapping the results of the 2014 election: Wards 15 and 16

Map of the mayoral race in Wards 15 and 16, Eglinton-Lawrence The second set of maps I posted on Twitter was the results for Ward 16, which had an interesting council race. In this post, I present poll results maps for both Wards 15 and 16;  the two wards named. Eglinton-Lawrence. The name Eglinton-Lawrence comes from the federal/provincial […]