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Mapping the council race in Ward 25, Scarborough-Rouge Park

I start my analysis of the 25 council races with Ward 25, Scarborough–Rouge Park, where Neethan Shan, the incumbent councillor for old Ward 42, lost in a very tight race to Jennifer McKelvie, who was elected to public office for the first time. Both candidates originally ran in different areas under the approved 47 wards […]

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Mapping the 2014 Toronto election: Wards 21, 22, and 25

Poll results of the mayoral race in Wards 21 and 22, St. Paul’s The Christmas Eve edition in my series of posts illustrating the results of the 2014 Toronto municipal election results is definitely not the most exciting. (If you want excitement on Christmas Eve, head to Yorkdale or the Eaton Centre before they close, or […]