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Mapping the council race in Ward 12 – Toronto-St. Paul’s

As mentioned in my last post, Bill 5, introduced by Premier Doug Ford in the middle of Toronto’s municipal election campaign, had a silver lining: it finally rid Toronto City Council of its greatest embarrassment, Giorgio Mammoliti. Otherwise, though, it had terrible effects. It removed the opportunity for many new voices to get elected to […]

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Gardiner East update: a close vote, but one Tory is likely to win (updated)

Projected Gardiner East council vote as of Monday, June 8. (Updated 5:00 PM, June 8) With Councillors Jon Burnside and Raymond Cho coming out in support of the “Hybrid” option for the Gardiner East, and Councillor John Filion supporting the Removal/Boulevard option, here’s the latest map. Only seven councillors are considered “unknown” in their intentions for […]